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Ice Hockey for Beginners

Ice hockey is an exciting sport for the old and young, and learning how to play can be one of the best forms of exercise. Having all the right equipment and knowing what to expect will help prepare new players for the ice. Here are some ice hockey tips for beginners.

Consider Renting Equipment

Hockey equipment can be expensive, and renting equipment instead of buying it can often be a better choice in the beginning stages. Some people find that hockey isn’t for them after trying it and spending a lot to purchase expensive equipment will ultimately be a waste of money. It’s sometimes possible to find equipment that’s available for rent from a local hockey club, or a new player can try borrowing some from a person they know.

Keep Stick on the Ice

A hockey stick should be left in contact with the ice at all times during a game except when shooting a puck. Skating with the stick held in the air will make it more difficult for the player to be ready to receive a puck when it’s passed. Holding the stick in the air can also pose safety hazards for other players…



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Key Figure Skating Drills for Ice Hockey Players

You may not be able to think of two more different sports than figure skating and ice hockey. While both sports obviously take place on the ice, the demographics that enjoy them are typically different, and the participants may have even less in common. Hockey players are often thought of as large, muscular men who may be missing a tooth or two while figure skaters are considered more acrobatic. However, several things can translate from one of these sports to the other. Ice skating drills can make you a better hockey player, even if you had never considered it.

Balance Drills

When you really think about it, the idea of moving across the ice on two blades that are less than an inch wide defies all logic and reason. You don’t just throw on a pair of skates and move effortlessly across the ice. Working on two-foot jumps, straight-line one-foot glides, and lunges can all improve your hockey skills. If you’re going to be able to navigate your way through angry defenders while directing a puck, you’ll have to be sure on your feet…



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Commercial Real Estate Trends of 2020

Experiencing success in real estate is all about finding a way to be ahead of the trends. The best of the best in the world of investing find a way to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to spending their money. If you want to start seeing a return on your investment, you’ll need to know the trends and find a way to get out in front of them. So what trends are on the horizon in the world of commercial real estate? Knowing what they are and how to approach them could be the difference in success and failure.

Things Will Keep Getting Better

The United States is currently experiencing its longest expansion in history. Many experts in the real estate industry believe that the growth is just going to continue meaning there will be more opportunities for investors as we step into a new decade. This is being attributed to the fact that significant amounts of capital are being invested, and the people who invest them are looking for safe havens to invest them in.

Location, Location, Location

Everything in real estate is about location. You can have the greatest home imaginable, but if it’s in the worst neighborhood in the state, it’s not really worth anything on the market. You can find a great commercial building to invest in, but if it’s not in a place where it’s needed, you won’t make any money—research what cities are on the rise and plan on investing accordingly. Current trends indicate that Austin, Texas, Raleigh, North Carolina, and Nashville, Tennessee, are among the three best cities for commercial investors to consider right now…



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Getting Your Family Involved in Philanthropy

That people are all part of humanity, “the main,” is the primary reason for the importance of philanthropy. There is reciprocity to the act of giving. Those who receive help, love, food, clothing, and other things are both fortunate and grateful. But, those who give also benefit in many ways. Among these are the following:

Acts of Charity Enrich a Person.

Whenever people donate to a charity–whether it be money, goods or their time–they help the organization continue its work while also improving their sense of self-worth as they realize that they are acting as responsible citizens of the world. Charity is also a means of donors’ expressing gratitude for what they have.

Charitable Acts Bring People Together

When a person engages in charitable acts along with others in the family, the family grows closer in their shared goals and love for their fellow men and women. Parents’ involving their children in charity teaches them to be unselfish as they consider the needs of others and give in a positive manner to society. Acts of charity also impart other important values to parents and children alike, such as an appreciation for their good fortune and way of life. Many affluent families create charitable foundations or build institutions that continue for generations…



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Corporate Philanthropy: Using Your Business to Give Back

When disasters happen, people are often drawn together in hopes of helping the victims. Companies have massive resources at their disposal to provide disaster relief and support the communities where they are based on a smaller scale, as well. Corporate philanthropy is fast becoming a hallmark of the modern business.

What Is Corporate Philanthropy?

Corporate philanthropy is the practice of businesses and corporations giving where it’s needed. It involves giving money, but also utilizing other resources as necessary to foster and maintain well being in countries or communities in need.

The available resources vary by company. A computer or technology-based company may offer technology information services. A chain of home improvement stores may offer tools, supplies, and even person-power toward rebuilding in the aftermath of natural disasters.

Another form of corporate philanthropy is working alongside non-profit groups to assist them with things like volunteer grants and corporate gift matching.

How Can Corporate Philanthropy Help A Business?

When a business chooses to use its resources to engage in philanthropic efforts, there can be numerous benefits for everyone involved, including:

  • Fostering positive public regard
  • Allowing employees to feel helpful and engaged with their communities and workplaces
  • Making a tangible change for good
  • Boosting workplace morale…



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How Playing Sports Impacts Teenagers

Many teenagers enjoy sports. Even if your child has never played one before, getting them to try can help out in different ways. Sports can be very impactful for teenagers and can help them throughout their lives. Here are a few reasons why you may want to talk to your teen about trying out a new sport.


Most sports require teamwork and collaboration with others. Whether or not people like it, jobs require people to work with others towards a specific goal. Sports allow your child to learn how to work with others through a shared goal.

By working with other people, your child learns how to help others, receive help, and to interact with people. These skills will help your child later on in life during college years and when they enter the workforce. 

Staying Healthy

Numerous physical benefits come from playing sports. With all the different movements like running, throwing, or jumping, your child will get physical exercise and stay in shape. This physical activity encourages a healthy lifestyle for your child while helping to avoid unnecessary health problems later on through bad habits…



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How To Gain Exposure As A Property Developer

As a property developer, you will find that the size and robustness of your network is often the deciding factor for success. Exposure to potential clients and business partners is absolutely essential. It can be said that in many cases, a real estate developer’s lack of success may be directly tied to their failure to gain exposure and create a sustainable, long-term business network.

In this article, we will explore some of the best ways to gain exposure as a property developer and explain why these methods are indispensable to your success. 

Establish and Promote Your Official Website

This should be the first step in gaining exposure and viewed as absolutely necessary. By creating a website that is both pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate, you are painting your business in the best light possible. Your website is a representation of your entire business, and potential clients or business partners will judge your business based on the quality of your website. Hire professionals to do this work, and focus on your SEO and visibility. Make sure all of your information is accessible on your website and do your best to leave no questions unanswered…



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Different Types of Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is more than just retail space. While there are no official commercial realty classifications, since they vary from state to state and even city to city, there are some general categories that most real estate professionals acknowledge. Here are a few examples:

Multifamily Properties

Multifamily properties are technically commercial and residential due to the fact that they primarily serve as a residence. However, they are still considered to be commercial properties since they generate cash flow and profit, and depending on their size, they are run by a management company.  Multifamily properties include everything from duplexes all the way to 100-unit skyscrapers. 

Office Space

Office buildings are another type of commercial real estate. They are usually grouped into three categories, and those are A, B, or C buildings. Class A buildings are in the best locations and made from finer construction. Class B buildings straddle the line between the best and the. And, Class C buildings are in areas that are less desirable, and they likely need a lot of remodeling. Many of the better office buildings are located in the central business districts of larger cities or in campus-like office parks in the suburbs.

Industrial Buildings

Industrial buildings will usually stand on their own or be grouped together in industrial parks. These buildings are used for heavy manufacturing, light industrial and assembly work, and warehouse space. Heavy manufacturing buildings are customized for creating particular pieces and are hard to resell. Whereas, light industrial and warehouse space can be more easily converted.

How Volunteering Positively Impacts Your Health

Volunteering helps people in ways that improve society in desirable ways. Not only does volunteering help others, but it also provides health benefits to those that dedicate their time to serving others. In fact, the following health benefits are associated with volunteerism:

Stress Reduction

Purposeful connection reduces stress by causing volunteers to concentrate less on their worries. In addition, dedicating time to meeting the needs of other people creates a community and a strong support system. Volunteering also connects like-minded people together and lasting friendships are often formed as a result of this connection.

Decreases Rates of Depression
Those who volunteer are often able to distract themselves from destructive thought patterns. People who work to better their communities are also less likely to be overly critical of their life, which leads to less depression. In addition, charity work gives a sense of accomplishment that’s often associated with the pursuit of other goals.

Improves Levels of Happiness

Research has discovered that happiness hormones in the brain increase as a result of volunteering. People are social beings and volunteering allows for the type of social interaction that is most valuable to human-beings. Helping someone that is less fortunate can drastically improve an individual’s level of happiness…



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Tips for Coaches in Youth Sports

Coaching youth sports is a great way to pass on your knowledge and skills to the young kids in the area. The coaching position is also about a lot more than the actual game. It is a great opportunity to mentor and guide the kids to help them become better people. Kids can learn so many life lessons during their time playing sports, but this can only happen with a great coach. Here are four tips every youth sports coach needs to follow.

Always Stay Positive

Kids are bound to make mistakes during practice or the game, but it is vitally important to avoid yelling at them. The kids are only going to gain confidence if you show that you believe in them. Kindly let them know what they did wrong and how to do better next time. The team will never improve if they feel like total failures every time they make a small mistake.

Get to Know the Kids

The advice and guidance of a coach has more impact when the kids know and trust you. Take the time to engage with every player on a personal level. Get to know their interests outside of sports. It is also important to know why they are playing sports. Once you know the kids, you can tailor your coaching advice to each of their personalities…



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